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In 2008 we set out to create a balanced and sustainable residential construction company. From complex large additions to smaller kitchen remodels, we are structured to handle the whole project start to finish.


Developing business during some of the toughest economic times, has shaped us into a company that has little resemblance to contractors of yesterday. Every dollar and resource is maximized for your project. We work with other exceptional local companies who are committed to similar ideals to build a network of creative people building better homes and neighborhoods


We live and play in this community & we enjoy simple pleasures like interacting with neighbors, commuting to work by bike & participating in community events where bumping into clients is a pleasure! We set ourselves apart from many contractors by being onsite from deconstruction all the way through final punch list. This allows us to create personal hands-on relationships with our customers ensuring great projects and ultimately satisfaction.


In a time in which words like ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ can start to ring as hollow buzzwords, we believe in the simple fact that it is the right thing to do . . . for everyone. Personally, we strive to create as small a footprint on the earth as we can in an industry that can be so wasteful of our resources. Which rewards both economically and ecologically. We carefully plan, deconstruct and recycle to create job sites with near zero waste. How green do you want to be? We balance your green ideals with your investment. From recycling to searching for and investing in advanced products that are designed for state of the art sustainability we, together, as a team can do our part.


Eric had the original Vision of Sol Structures. Starting the business with a small amount of money from his father, he set out to build a few homes in Red Feather Colorado to obtain his General Contractors License. Eric continues with Vision as a primary role in Sol Structures. He helps you dream, he can see your architectural plans in 3D, and visualizes complex framing and construction problems while guiding our partners in the building process.

Jeff brings the Precision to Sol Structures; the state or quality of being precise, exactness, and accuracy. With his history of traveling the world, and as an expert whitewater kayaker, Jeff’s natural ability and drive to be precise shines through. In a world where precision is an absolute necessity this unique skill translates directly to the construction of your home. Fine craftsmanship, exact measurements, combined with detail orientation; you definitely want Jeff on your team!